Machine Simulation in Vericut

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This 8 hour course will introduce you to Vericut Verification and Simulation software. We will discuss the major parts of the Graphic User Interface, and learn how to interact with the system. We will discuss the Project Tree, and show all the components needed to verify and simulate a job. This includes loading a machine file and a control file, and making sure the settings match your real machine. We will load fixture models, stock models, and design models, while explaining what each is used for. You will learn how to move and mate components, and set Work Offset locations. I will show you how to load your NC Program, and any Sub programs needed for a job. Then we’ll configure our tools and run the simulation. We will see how Vericut detects collisions with the shank and collisions with the holders as well. We’ll discuss the Simulation aspect of Vericut and show how to work with Cut Stock, including analyzing for over/under cuts, and how to measure the stock. Finally I will show you how to add a 2nd setup to the Vericut Project file, and create a coordinate system to transfer the stock from the first setup to the 2nd to complete the job.

Topics covered in this course

  • Vericut GUI – We will explain the Graphic User Interface, including views and the Project Tree
  • Project Setup
    • Load a Machine
    • Load a Control
    • Load/Build Fixtures
    • Load/Build Stock
    • Load a Design Model
    • Load NC Program
    • Build Tools
    • Set Work Offset
    • Use Assembly and Mate tools to move models into position
  • Run Project and detect errors
  • Fix Errors and Re-Run project to finish verification
  • Run Auto-Diff to check Cut Stock to Design Model
  • Use Measure tool to check Cut Stock for accuracy
  • Add 2nd Setup to Project Tree
  • Create Coordinate System to automate movement of Cut Stock from Setup 1 to Setup 2
  • Run complete simulation and use Auto-Diff to fully qualify results of NC Programs
Course By

Derek Goodwin