Mastercam X8 Intro to Multi-Axis Milling

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This course on Multi-Axis programming will introduce the student to both 4 and 5 Axis machining concepts. We will begin with programming a 4 Axis part using Rotary Axis positioning. We will look at Rotary Axis positioning for both Vertical and Horizontal machines. After discussing 4th Axis positioning, we will then work through an example of a simultaneous 4th axis toolpath. For 5 Axis we start with 3 +2 positioning, which is still the main 5 Axis technique used for 5 Axis. After positioning is addressed, we use the Curve, Swarf, and Flow 5X Toolpaths to machine a variety of 5 Axis parts. After completing this course you should have a basic understanding of both 4 and 5 Axis toolpath creation.

Instructor: Colin Gilchrist

Course By

Derek Goodwin