Advanced 5-Axis Toolpaths for Mastercam 2018



Taught by Master CNC Instructor, Colin Gilchrist, this course on Multi-Axis programming will introduce the student to both 4 and 5 Axis machining concepts.

Class Dates:
January 23, 25, 30, and February 1st

Class Times:
Eastern Time 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Pacific Time 4:30 – 6:30 pm

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This advanced course will introduce you to the latest 5 Axis technology available in Mastercam 2018. The ModuleWorks suite of toolpath utilities gives you unprecedented control over the cut strategy, approaches, retracts, and links within the toolpath itself. We will explore both surface (solid face) and wireframe based toolpaths. We will cover different methods of Tool Axis control, including 11 different tilting strategies. Special attention will be paid to Collision Control, and how multiple methods of Collision Control can be combined. We will explore new Roughing options, including an option for full 5 Axis Roughing, including Zig-Zag Adaptive; a whole new way to increase productivity beyond Dynamic motion. We will also cover the Linking parameters to show how you can precisely control your entry motion, exit motion, and the linking between moves in the cut.

Topics Covered

  1. Surface Patterns
    • Morph between two curves
    • Project curve
    • Parallel to curve
    • Cuts along curve
  2. Cutting Area, Sorting, Surface Quality, and Stepover
  3. Tool Axis Control
    • Tilting Strategies
    • Side Tilt
    • Contact Point Control
  4. Gouge Checking – Multiple methods of collision control, retraction, and tilting
  5. Triangle Mesh Toolpaths – New roughing and finishing paths explained
  6. Swarf Milling – Why there is a 2nd (and “better”) Swarf Toolpath in Mastercam
  7. Multi-Axis Roughing – Finally, an option for full 5 Axis roughing that isn’t just parallel
  8. Convert to 5 Axis – take your favorite 3 Axis path to the next level


Colin Gilchrist is Technical Director at eapprentice, previously he worked as post processor developer for CNC Software, the makers of Mastercam; he has worked as a CNC programmer at Boeing and as a Mastercam Instructor and trainer.


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